Benefits of Interdental Cleaning


Benefits of Interdental Cleaning

Plaque can build up between the teeth, out of reach of a toothbrush. This can result in tooth decay, gum irritation, and foul breath over time. To avoid this, you should use an interdental toothbrush as a part of your daily cleaning routine.

An interdental toothbrush is a little brush that cleans between your teeth where a standard toothbrush cannot reach. In addition to regular toothbrushing, using an interdental toothbrush daily is a simple and efficient approach that will keep your gums and teeth clean and healthy.

We also recommend cleaning your teeth every day to maintain fresh breath and keep your gums healthy. Your gums may feel sore and bleed when you first start cleaning between your teeth but don’t stop because bleeding gums are an indication of gum inflammation. Contact your dental professional if you don’t see any improvement after a few days.

Choosing the Correct Size:

For the best advice, ask a dental professional for a referral.

In the meanwhile, here are some ideas to help you get started: –

  • Examine your teeth in the mirror and place the toothbrush between them, near the gums. Start with the smallest brush size and work your way up until the bristles are in touch with the tooth surface and gum tissue.
  • The brush should be snug, but the wire should not come in contact with the sides of the teeth or gums, even if it is plastic-coated. Never push the brush into a corner.
  • Move the interdental brush back and forth about 2-3 times to its maximum length after inserting it. Once a day, brush all the crevices between your teeth.
  • When brushing the back teeth with a tiny interdental brush, you can softly curve its neck with a little interdental brush. It is simpler to reach between the rear teeth by applying pressure with your finger.
  • Alternatively, use a long-handled interdental brush. When using larger brushes, slightly curving the wire can help with access between the rear teeth. If you don’t straighten or bend the interdental brush at an angle, it will last longer.

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