Tooth Jewel in Hyderabad

Tooth Jewellery Treatment in Banjara Hills

Teeth jewellery will provide your smile with more attractiveness and extravagance. Result of the procedure is stunning – you gain an original smile.
It is easy, absolutely painless and quick procedure which lasts no longer than 20 minute.

jewellery is glued on healthy tooth enamel and has no damage to your teeth.

Teeth jewellery are small in size and thin (about 0.5-1 mm), their presence usually is felt for first couple days. Later they do not cause any discomfort while eating, talking or brushing teeth.

The jewellery can be easily removed. It is absolutely painless and quick procedure after which the surface of teeth stays plain and undamaged.

Tooth Jewel
The latest sensation in dental offices throughout the world isn’t just whitening, but a fashion trend adding a new twist to the term a “dazzling and brilliant” smile!

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