Breaking the Most Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment


Breaking the Most Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

If your dentist recently informed you that you require a root canal treatment, odds are you immediately began searching the internet for information on this well-known yet widely misunderstood dental procedure. The internet can be a valuable source of knowledge, but it is also riddled with untrustworthy sources and inaccurate data that can be misleading.

Myth: Root canal procedure benefits are only temporary.

Myth Busters: The effects of this procedure are long-lasting. It relieves the toothache of the patient while effectively preserving the affected tooth. The final restoration, often known as a crown, is crucial to the success of the procedure. A well-made and well-fitting crown, combined with following oral hygiene and regular dental appointments can elongate a tooth’s life helping one avoid tooth extraction.

Myth: A root canal is only necessary if you have dental pain.

Myth Buster: Teeth that have died and are no longer causing pain may require a root canal as well to avoid infection. Dental specialists use a variety of procedures, such as temperature and percussion testing, to determine whether a tooth has died and if it requires a root canal.

Myth: Root canal treatment is incredibly painful.

Myth Busters: Tooth discomfort is caused by a gradual decay in the tooth. This decay can sometimes progress to the root of the tooth and cause infection. A root canal is essential in this situation. The utilization of cutting-edge dental equipment, as well as anesthetics and sedation dentistry, can make a root canal treatment painless.

Myth: Tooth extraction is a better option than root canal treatment.

Myth Buster: An extraction is a painful process that introduces more harmful bacteria into the bloodstream. There is no suitable substitute for a natural tooth. Additionally, long hours of visits to the clinic, and higher costs are required for bridges, implants, and other replacement options. Not only is a root canal with professional restoration, affordable, but it also allows you to retain your original tooth.

Root canal treatment, in a nutshell, is a procedure that removes nerves from a tooth’s pulp and it helps in preserving the tooth.

What are the steps of root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is conducted in three steps, requiring one to three visits.

1. A root canal procedure starts by cleaning the tooth. The affected nerve is removed, and infection is brought under control.
2. Detailed cleaning is performed to ensure there is no infection remaining and it is pain-free.
3. The root canal is filled and then the crown is placed.

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